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Air Conditioning and Refrigeration by A & B Mechanical LLC

AC and Heating Repairs for Clinton, Louisiana

A&B Mechanical LLC is the first call for air conditioning services near Clinton, Louisiana. We are available 24 hours a day for home or commercial AC repairs. Our refrigeration service has repaired walk in freezers from Zachary to Zachary since 2006.

The many HVAC services we offer allow us to grow with your needs. You will save time and money with a single call to our local air conditioning company.

Central air conditioning keeps your home comfortable through all seasons. When AC repair is needed, fast response is crucial to minimize discomfort. A&B Mechanical LLC arrives on site with all that is needed for air conditioner repairs.

We will troubleshoot your HVAC system and offer solutions. This may entail replacing an air filter or heat pump. In other cases, a new air conditioner is advised. In either scenario, your climate control will be more efficient.

The result is increased comfort and lower utility bills. For local offices, our commercial air conditioning improves the bottom line. Your employees will be more productive in a properly cooled workspace.

Customers will also be more at ease, which may increase sales. The many benefits of our services offer an exceptional value.

Walk in freezers are valuable to your business, but prone to certain issues. The temperature needs to be maintained for safe food storage. A&B Mechanical LLC is well versed with the issues that plague freezers and other refrigeration.

Our Clinton refrigeration service repairs freezers with lasting results. We will also recommend best practices to avoid future issues.

Please contact us at (225) 234-0094 for estimates and scheduling. 

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