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HVAC Services and Air Conditioning in Zachary, Louisiana

A&B Mechanical LLC is the first choice for air conditioning services in Zachary, Louisiana. Our air conditioner repairs have brought relief from St. Francisville to Zachary since 2006. We offer 24 hour AC repairs that give peace of mind through all seasons. This includes refrigeration repairs to ensure walk in freezers maintain proper temperatures.

We take pride in saving you time and money. As a local AC contractor, we offer fast response and trusted results within your budget. A&B Mechanical LLC will troubleshoot central air conditioners for an accurate diagnosis. We are available 24 hours a day to minimize discomfort during scorching summers in Zachary. Our team will then advise of the most practical solution to your air conditioner’s repair.

This allows our clients to make informed decisions to meet their budget and unique needs. We will also advise if new air conditioning is a more cost efficient alternative.

There are many benefits to AC or heating replacements. A new AC unit is more energy efficient, which cuts your utility bills. A&B Mechanical LLC installs new air conditioners from brand name manufacturers.

These units are backed by manufacturer warranties with many pricing options. You will enjoy month over month savings from our licensed AC repairs or replacements.

Our commercial refrigeration improves the safety of your food storage. Local restaurants trust us for walk in freezer maintenance to preserve perishables. A&B Mechanical LLC ensures your meat and produce is properly chilled for safe consumption.

When a walk in freezer fails, your bottom line is affected. Refrigeration repairs by A&B Mechanical LLC prevent food from spoiling and save you money. We will also advise on maintenance and storage tips to maximize the useful life of your walk in freezers and food storage units. This expertise sets our Zachary refrigeration services apart from the rest.

Chilly winter mornings in Zachary raise issues of safety and comfort. A broken heater can drop room temperatures to risky levels.

Your quality of life is also affected, as chilly rooms affect the ability to enjoy a home. A&B Mechanical LLC offers an affordable solution with our heater repairs. We quickly bring warmth back to your home with 24 hour heating service.

Maintaining climate control in your home or office will be much easier after our repairs. The lower utility bills help boost the profit margins of local businesses. This makes our commercial air conditioning an investment in your company.

Please contact us at (225) 234-0094 for 24 hour air conditioning service. 

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